[info_box_1 title=”Protect your Investment!”][dropcap]W[/dropcap]ood pile protection in South Floria is a necessity because worms infiltrate wood piles and destroy them over time.[/info_box_1]

Perma Wrap

Perma Wrap is applied on new wood piles. Standard length of Perma Wrap is five feet and is installed on the piling, usually at the tide range of barnacle growth, to protect the pilings from worm destruction.

Concrete Wrap Piles

Concrete wrap piles are applied to older wood pilings that have already been partially destroyed from worms.  Concrete piling wrap is constructed with a ring of nails installed into the side of the piling, approximately spaced at one inch, being exposed out of the pile.  The Perma Wrap is applied over the nails usually as a double wrap with UV tie straps. Pile wrap will then be filled with 4,000 psi concrete mix.

We work closely with our engineer and we can design your wood pile protection specifically to your needs.