All Power Marine Boatlifts & Docks, Inc. was there from day one beginning with their surmountable success with processing of city, state and environmental permits.

All Power Marine Boatlifts & Docks have installed over 18 Boatlifts and Decks here at Quayside Marina. All Power Marine Boatlifts & Docks, Inc. made each job a master piece for the owner that requested there craftsmanship or marine installation. We are very pleased with the business relationship we share with All Power Marine Boatlifts & Docks, Inc.

We have found their service to be dependable, friendly, clean and open over the year’s. Their attention to detail and willingness to listen to our request’s or (needs) is extremely important to our marina at The Towers Of Quayside, Miami, Florida. With extensive knowledge of permit processing in South Florida across all departments we recommend All Power Marine Boatlifts and Docks to all of those in need of professional product and service.

-The Towers of Quayside Homeowners Association., April, 2012.

I have personally and professionally known Matt Klenner for over 2 years. l met Mr. Klenner after hurricane Francis when I contacted All Power Marine Boatlifts and Docks (Marine division of L&H Land Corp) to repair severe damage to my existing dock. Mr. Klenner was highly recommended to me by my neighbors. Luckily for me, all the other dock contractors were too busy to even give an estimate within the time frame that I needed the project done.

Matt recognized that I had children and that my dock and seawall were unsafe in their current condition requiring immediate attention. Within weeks Matt and the crew of All Power Marine Boatlifts and Docks arrived and completely rebuild my dock not only to existing code, but what l believe is now the centerpiece of my home. Matt’s service did not stop at completion of the project; whenever he is in the neighborhood he stops by and inspects his work and the condition of the pilings and seawall. He has taken ownership of his project.

Matt worked tirelessly to accomplish the project in the time frame promised. At no time did I ever question whether this contractor would show up and finish the job. I never questioned whether Matt or his crew could work at the house unattended. Matt believes in giving an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay. This is extremely rare in the South Florida community. I have often been disappointed by the diligence and honesty of contractors in the past 20 years of home ownership. Matt far exceeded my expectations.

As an attorney, I am aware of the negative connotations that attorneys and contractors receive and the great effort that licensing boards go through to improve these images and raise the professional standard of their licensees. Matt is the epitome of professional and would make a great contractor in his own right.

Further, Matt’s craftsmanship is by far superior to any dock builder in the area. His attention to detail combined with his knowledge of the local codes and the trade itself makes him an excellent candidate for licensure. I know this because I now have the most beautiful dock along my canal. After watching Matt and the crew of All Power Marine Boatlifts and Docks constructing my dock, my next door neighbor decided to rebuild their entire dock with Matt and his crew. They did not choose to build the dock because they needed a new one, so they decided to build the dock because they wanted Matt to do the work and if they waited five more years they may not get that opportunity.

Matt is an asset to the trade. It is an honor to recommend Matt not only to this licensing board but to all my neighbors and friends in need of highly professional impeccable le dock and boatlift work.

-Robert N. Hartsell, Esq., July 21, 2000.

I just wanted to let all of you know that Matthew did an excellent job installing my lift. In additional to that, he was prompt, courteous, responsive and professional, which is something that is extremely rare these days, especially in the South Florida marine service industry.

Jim Meyer, Harper Meyer Perez Hagen O’Connor Albert & Dribin LLP., May 2014