Seawall Construction & Repair

Seawall construction in South Florida is necessary for commercial and residential properties that are bordered by water. Coastal homeowners and businesses typically hire a marine contractor for seawall construction to prevent land erosion, prevent flooding and maintain a clear separation between your property and surrounding water.

All Power Marine install and repair a variety of seawalls including seawall materials.

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Aluminum Seawalls & Footers

Aluminum seawalls are an option when no barge or crane access is available to retain the property line. Aluminum corrugated sheeting 6061 interlocking sheets can be jetted or driven into the existing berm at depth and in accordance with an engineer’s specifications. The aluminum corrugated sheeting is typically installed with a series of tiebacks and an aluminum cap or a concrete cap.

Aluminum Corrugated Sheeting 6061 interlocking sheets are hands down the best for footer systems in South Florida. Aluminum seawalls or footer retaining walls are installed at the base of existing walls that have undermining of soil from the property with leaking water under the existing wall. Aluminum Corrugated Sheeting 6061 are aircraft quality interlocking sheets that can be driven into rock or until failure. Footer Systems with Aluminum Sheets are installed at the base of a wall driven usually three feet into an existing berm and are filled with a 3,000 PSI Concrete mix. Rebar is also installed in the footer system which is tied to a series of 3/8 bolts installed in aluminum sheets approximately every four feet. Trust in All Power Marine to install or repair your aluminum seawall footer.

Concrete Seawalls

Concrete seawalls or concrete panel walls with batter, king piles, and caps are #1 in protection against hydrostatic pressure, rough water situations, and new home construction on your property, and installation of pools near a waterway.

Typical reasons for replacing a sea wall in most cases is where an existing rock wall has failed due to maintenance or overloading the back yard. Examples of concrete seawall installations include new pool construction and retaining walls built behind coral rock walls. Coral rock walls usually lack tie-backs and are a pyramid of rocks stacked on each other with a thin cap floating on top, which are not always structurally made.

  • Concrete Seawalls
  • Aluminum Seawalls & Aluminum Footer Systems
  • Vinyl Seawalls
  • Coral Rock Seawalls

Vinyl Seawalls

Vinyl seawalls are usually used in non-rocky situations. Vinyl cannot be driven into rock. There are a variety of advantages of using vinyl for your seawall application which include:

  • A vinyl seawall is unaffected by marine borers or creatures that enjoy making a meal in wood seawalls.  Wood-boring critters have no interest in vinyl seawall applications.
  • Vinyl seawalls typically have longer lifespans than other materials such as wood or aluminum and make sense as a long-term investment to protect your South Florida property.
  • Vinyl seawalls in South Florida are manufactured to endure the harsh ultraviolet (UV) rays that beam down from the sun.  Wood and other seawall materials deteriorate faster over time due to UV radiation.
  • A vinyl seawall can be easier to install due to precision manufacturing standards unlike imperfections found in natural materials such as wood.
  • Vinyl seawalls last longer, therefore warranty periods will usually extend further than wood or aluminum seawalls.

Contact All Power Marine for a free consultation to explore the long-lasting benefits of installing a vinyl seawall on your South Florida property.

Coral Seawalls

Coral rock walls are made from once-living organisms that were made to breathe.  Once sealed, however,  the coral rock seawall is much less porous and requires weep holes to be installed in the wall to allow water to flow in and out, which reduces hydro-static pressure.

Coral rock seawalls, while naturally beautiful, require quite a bit of maintenance and will need to be repaired every two to four years. Coral rocks stacked in a pyramid move naturally due to vibration and other natural forces. Cracks must be mudded and maintenance is required to conserve soil on your property. Soil should be kept at the height of the seawall cap so rainwater can run off the cap and not behind the wall, which will create unwanted hydro-static pressure and may damage your coral wall.

Seawall Repairs

All Power Marine performs the full spectrum of seawall repair in South Florida including T Piles and King Piles, which can cause soil leaks and other unwanted problems on your water bordering property. Our seawall repair process on T Piles or King Piles includes a mixture of hydraulic cement that can be set into cracks or holes in walls underwater. Trust All Power Marine to repair your seawall of any type.

If your seawall is in need of repair or re-construction, All Power Marine is well-versed in seawall repairs for a variety of applications and environments including repairs on a seawall with T Piles or King Piles. Our seawall construction in South Florida is of the highest craftsmanship. Trust All Power Marine with your custom seawall construction needs including footer, pile, and cap installation & repair jobs.

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