Vinyl Seawalls South Florida

Vinyl seawalls are usually used in non-rocky situations. Vinyl cannot be driven into rock. There are a variety of advantages of using vinyl for your seawall application which include:

  • A vinyl seawall is unaffected by marine borers or creatures that enjoy making a meal in wood seawalls.  Wood boring critters have no interest in vinyl seawall applications.
  • Vinyl seawalls typically have longer lifespans than other materials such as wood or aluminum and makes sense as a long-term investment to protect your South Florida property.
  • Vinyl seawalls in South Florida are manufactured to endure the harsh ultraviolet (UV) rays that beam down from the sun.  Wood and other seawall materials deteriorate faster over time due to UV radiation.
  • A vinyl seawall can be easier to install due to precision manufacturing standards unlike imperfections found in natural materials such as wood.
  • Vinyl seawalls last longer, therefore warranty periods will usually extend further than wood or aluminum seawalls.

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