Cradle Boat Lift South Florida

Cradle Boatlift in South Florida Cradle boat lifts are vertical style boat lifts mounted at four points. The four points can be designed with concrete or wood pilings. Cradle boat lift sizes range from 4,500 lbs. to 200,000 lbs. Each lift can support very heavy boats, yacht and other watercraft. The cradle boat lift design requires far less maintenance and carries twice the structural warranty than elevator boat lifts. Additionally, the cradle boat lift design is made for wide-beam boats. Many upgrades are available. Low profile four engine/motor boat lifts are available as well. The cradle boat lift has a clean look and does not have the unsightly rail look above the dock. Cradle boat lifts are a universal boat lift that are not custom made to fit any one set of piles and can use any configuration of an existing four-pile setup.